Camp Livingstone Senior Cabin Leader

 Camp Livingstone

Magog, Quebec
Project #CD-01
3 Males & 3 Females
May 26 – August 5

Camp Livingstone operates an 8-week residential camp program for approximately 450 children, teens, and families, and a 3-week school group program during the month of June. Between 35-50% of those attending camp are from underprivileged homes, and about the same percentage have never heard the Gospel. As a Senior Cabin Leader, your primary role will be to lead camp activities, be a role model for younger volunteers, and be responsible for the care of children during day and residential camp programs. You will be expected to prepare and lead cabin Bible discussion times. On some occasions, you will conduct maintenance and housekeeping activities and help prepare meals in the kitchen. Depending on your individual skills, you may be called on to lead music or camp activities such as canoeing, archery, or nature lore. Summer missionaries are encouraged to love the Word, pray continually, and disciple and encourage one another. You will grow in your understanding of the Gospel, how to live it out, and trained to present it to children, teens and adults.

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