Mississippi Churches and Students on Mission

They are young. They are passionate. They are adaptable. They’re energetic and resourceful and adventurous. They are relational. They want to be involved in something that has a far-reaching impact on the world. They are our students…and they have the potential to change the world!

Modern mission history is a story of men and women who left family and friends to obey the Lord’s command and gave their all for the sake of the Kingdom. Many of these heroes of the faith were the young people of their day. When students decide to act, things happen!

Involvement in Mississippi Baptist Student Missions is a great way for Mississippi Baptist churches to be a part of carrying out The Great Commission.

Mississippi Baptist Student Missions is a ministry of the Collegiate Ministry Department of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.  Through the Cooperative Program, we support the work of Baptist Student Unions on 30 college campuses, and we are available to assist Mississippi Baptist churches that minister to college students.

Any college student involved in BSU on one of our campuses or in a Mississippi Baptist church is eligible to serve through Mississippi Baptist Student Missions.  Students are supported either by funds raised by BSU students, Margaret Lackey funds, or by assistance provided by their church.

If you have college students in your church who are looking for opportunities to serve on a summer missionary assignment, we hope you’ll direct them to our website and encourage them to apply.  In addition to submitting their application, each student will need a local interview at their church or BSU, as well as a reference from their BSU Director or church minister.

For questions, email Jennie Taylor at jtaylor@mbcb.org, or call our office at 601-292-3299.

To learn about another way your church can be involved in Mississippi Baptist Student Missions, click on the link below.