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Applying for a Position

Applying for a position

What is BSU Summer Missions?

Mississippi BSU coordinates summer opportunities for college students involved in BSU on their campus to serve alongside Southern Baptist career missionaries and church planters throughout the U.S. and around the world. Students go through an application and interview process, and are then appointed to serve between 4-10 weeks.

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What are the requirements to serve?

  • Active in BSU on a Mississippi campus and in a local church
  • A growing follower of Jesus Christ
  • Spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy
  • Committed to verbally sharing your faith
  • Between 18-25 years of age
  • Committed to raising any necessary financial support required for service
  • Complete at least 24 semester hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, prior to departure for the field
  • Complete the application and interview process outlined by Mississippi BSU
  • Participate in Missionary Learning Retreat, March 27-28, 2020, Brandon Baptist Church, Brandon
  • Participate in Sentinel Training if you are serving outside the U.S., including Canada

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How do I apply?

Go to the Apply link on this website. Submit a Pre-Application and receive a link to an online application. Complete the application, submit 3 references, and interview with your BSU.

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How do I choose a mission opportunity?

Go to the Positions link on this website. Prayerfully read through the opportunities that are available in 3 categories: US/Canada, International Mississippi Teams, and International. Look carefully at the job description. Let the Spirit lead you to opportunities that best fit your interests and gifts. For more direction, talk with your BSU Director and to summer missionaries who have served in the past. Choose 3 positions to list on your application and put them in order of preference.

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How is Summer Missions Funded?

BSU Summer Missions is supported by the State BSU Missions Fund. The money received comes from Mississippi BSU student contributions. These funds provide travel and supplemental insurance for students serving in the U.S. and Canada, and scholarships for students serving internationally.

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What are the financial arrangements?*

U.S. and Canada: Travel to and from the field and supplemental insurance costs are provided by the State BSU Missions Fund. Accommodations, meals, and local transportation are provided by the church or ministry requesting summer missionaries in MOST situations. Some U.S./Canada assignments will require fundraising to supplement field cost. Students are responsible for baggage fees charged by airlines. Go to US/Canada Projects/Positions for project information.

International: Each student is responsible for their airfare, field cost, insurance, visa (if required by the host country), Sentinel Training fee, and required vaccinations for their place of service. The cost varies with each job. Field cost information is listed with each job description. The State BSU Missions Fund provides scholarships. Go to IMB Projects/Positions for project details.

*Non-Baptist students may apply and serve, but do not receive scholarships from the State BSU Missions Fund. Talk to your BSU Director for questions about this.

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What must a student do to apply and to receive a scholarship?

  1. Go to “Apply” on this website, submit your Pre-Application and receive a link to an online application.
  2. Submit your application, including 3 required references, lifestyle questions, and background check form by December 2, 2019.
  3. Participate in a campus interview at your BSU.
  4. Participate in a state interview on the weekend of January 24-25, 2020, if applying to serve in the U.S. or Canada.
  5. Attend Missionary Learning Retreat, March 27-28, 2020, Brandon Baptist Church, Brandon.
  6. Students serving internationally who have not previously participated in Sentinel Training offered through the MBCB, must pay for and attend one of the seminars offered. Link here to Sentinel Training Seminars.
Additionally, students serving internationally must:

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How long will I serve?

Length of service varies according to the request from the field. The specific dates for each location are indicated with the job description. Generally, summer missionaries serve 4-10 weeks between the end of May and early August.

What if I am not a Baptist?

Opportunities are available for non-Baptist students, too. Students who are not members of Baptist churches must be active in their campus Baptist Student Union. Non-Baptist students do not receive scholarships from the State BSU Missions Fund.

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When do I need to talk to my parents?

Now! Don’t surprise them the day your application is due or after you’ve received your appointment! Remember that your parents are taking a step of faith, too. You need to give them time to think and pray about your decision. If parents have questions, have them call your BSU Director or the State Collegiate Ministry Office. You can also point them to the parent's section on this website.

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What can I expect during my local and state interviews?

The primary purpose of the local and state interviews is to offer support and encouragement as you explore mission opportunities and seek God’s best for you. They will provide a chance for you to verbalize your sense of God’s direction and where you are in your personal spiritual growth and ministry. The interviewing committees will be comprised of BSU leaders who desire to see you placed in a position where you will thrive and grow in your walk with the Lord as you serve. They will be praying for you and cheering you on.

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When will I be notified about my appointment?

U.S./Canada: At the completion of state interviews, local BSU directors will be notified of appointments made by the State BSU Missions Team. An appointment email will also be sent to each student following state interviews.
International: Upon submission of completed application, references and campus interview form, students serving internationally will be notified of their appointment by the Collegiate Ministry Department.

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Getting Ready to Go

What can I do to prepare?

Develop your personal spiritual life and be involved in a ministry with people in your campus community. Missions does not start when you get on the plane to go. Missions starts now…right where you are! Your BSU Director will be more than willing to direct you to campus ministry opportunities. Once you are appointed, you will begin hearing from your field supervisor about specific preparations related to your assignment.

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What kind of preparation will be offered to Summer Missionaries?

A 2-day Missionary Learning Retreat will be held for Mississippi Baptist Student Missionaries. The dates for 2020 are March 27-28 at Brandon Baptist Church, Brandon. Attendance is required. Additionally, missionary supervisors will conduct an orientation when students arrive on the field.

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Who will handle my travel arrangements?

  • U.S./Canada: The Collegiate Ministry Department will handle all flight arrangements through an approved travel agent.
  • International: Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements. The IMB has a recommended travel agent. Upon assignment, you will receive information on how to contact them to secure your airline tickets. They can also assist you with visa processing. It is recommended that students begin making travel arrangements four months prior to the start of their assignment.

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Is insurance provided?

Private major medical/health coverage is strongly recommended for all students. For students serving in the U.S. or Canada, a supplemental limited insurance policy will be purchased for you through Mississippi BSU. It will cover your deductible and other expenses not covered by your personal policy while on the field. Students serving internationally are required to obtain insurance through Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services: This insurance is comprehensive coverage, not just medical insurance, and the cost is $2.75 per day for IMB opportunities. All students should keep their current U.S. coverage while on the field, but U.S. policies generally do not cover emergency medical care overseas, emergency evacuation, or repatriation.

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On the Mission Field

What kind of supervision will I have?

U.S./Canada: The field supervisor will usually be a career missionary, associational director of missions or a local pastor. The student will be responsible to a local supervisor in the state where they are serving and to the Mississippi Collegiate Ministry Department.
International: The field supervisor will usually be a career missionary. The student will also be responsible to the Mississippi Collegiate Ministry Department.

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Will I be serving alone or with a partner?

Most summer missionaries serve with at least one partner. In some instances, several students will be assigned to serve together as a team. Partners/team members may come from Mississippi or other states.

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Where will I live while on the field?

The field of service will be responsible for your living arrangements. These vary with location. The most common living arrangement for students serving in the U.S. or Canada is with church host families in the community where you are serving. Some students will stay in the home of their supervisor. Some will be assigned to an apartment to share with other student missionaries. Some will be required to move week by week from one location to another. Once a student is assigned, the field supervisor will communicate specifics regarding living arrangements.

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Are visits by parents, family members or friends permitted while I am on the field?

Visits to the field of service by parents, family, or friends are strongly discouraged. The term of service is a short period of time and visits to the field are a distraction to the work of the student missionary.

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What if I need to come home during the summer?

Leaving the field of service during the summer is not encouraged. However, if there is a wedding or graduation that you MUST attend, you may ask the local supervisor if it is permissible. In some circumstances, a maximum 3-day trip home for such events may be approved at your personal expense. If you have a request for special accommodations, it must be addressed at the time of your interview and approved by the local supervisor.

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What happens if there is an emergency?

Collegiate Ministry staff are available to students and parents at any time. If there is an emergency at home or on the field, we are always able to communicate with the students and their supervisors and will do whatever is necessary in that particular situation.