Funding Your Journey as a Summer Missionary

Students serving as Mississippi Baptist Summer Missionaries are supported by funds raised each year by BSU students on Mississippi college and university campuses or by assistance from their church.

U.S. or Canada Projects*

  • Cost of travel to and from the field is provided.
  • Housing, food, and transportation on the field are provided for all projects with the exception of P52 projects.  Students serving on P52 projects will have some financial responsibility as outlined in the job descriptions.

  • Supplemental insurance policy is provided to cover expenses not paid by your primary insurance carrier, including the deductible.
  • Missionary Learning Retreat expenses are covered: housing, meals, and materials.
  • Students are responsible for baggage fees charged by airlines.

IMB Projects*

  • Students are responsible for securing and paying for their airfare, insurance, Sentinel Training fee **, field cost, passport, visa (if required), and inoculations. Field cost is listed with each IMB job description on the website under “Positions/IMB.”
  • Financial assistance from the BSU Missions Fund is available to students who submit application materials by their campus deadline and are approved for service by the state BSU office. 

*Non-Baptist students may apply and serve, but do not receive financial assistance through Mississippi BSU.

**Sentinel Training is a faith-based security training program developed to safeguard mission volunteers during international travel.  Training is offered through the MBCB Missions Mobilization office.  The fee is $45.  Talk with your BSU Director or church minister for help with scheduling a date for training.  To register, click this link:  http://www.mbcb.org/mission-strategy/missions-mobilization/sentinel-training/, and sign in as “guest."