CHRISTIAN CHARACTER:  Student missionaries are expected to maintain a lifestyle consistent with biblical standards, bringing glory to the Name of Jesus. This requires the highest standards of Christian character, conduct, and courtesy.  Behavior that could call a student’s integrity into question or hinder their Christian witness includes use of alcohol, tobacco, pornography, inappropriate language and disrespectful behavior toward team members, supervisors or locals.

DATING:  Dating and the forming of exclusive relationships are not allowed. It is never appropriate for a student missionary to date a fellow missionary or form an exclusive relationship with someone in your ministry. Visits from boyfriends/girlfriends are not permitted during your term of service and will result in the termination of your assignment.

FAMILY AND FRIEND VISITS:  Visits from parents, family members, and friends are strongly discouraged. If a parent or guardian must see you, you must receive approval from your field supervisor and the state BSU office in advance. Visits must not interfere with ministry responsibilities.

TRIPS HOME:  You are expected to complete your full term on the field. Trips home are not allowed except for emergencies in the immediate family. If emergencies arise requiring a trip home, you must inform your field supervisor and the state BSU office. Trips will be made at the student’s expense.

CELL PHONES:  Cell phones must be turned off during work hours and ministry activities. Explain to family and friends that you will not be available 24/7 to talk or text. Tell family that they can expect to hear from you once each week. Provide them with your supervisor’s contact number to have in case of emergency.

INTERNET/SOCIAL MEDIA:  Internet/social media use must be kept to a minimum. It is a tremendous distraction to the work you are there to do. Field supervisors will have specific guidelines in place. Email and blogs are wonderful tools to share what God is doing but can also consume precious ministry time and energy. Emailing is best to do in a newsletter format sent to your prayer network once per week.

USE OF TIME:  You are expected to use your time wisely, be diligent in your work, and resist any activity that turns the focus away from the ministry you have been called and commissioned to do.

PERSONAL VEHICLES:  Personal vehicles may not be taken to the field unless authorized by the state BSU office.

SUPERVISION:  You are expected to accept and submit to the leadership role and authority of your supervisor and fully abide by his or her decisions as they concern your assignment.