English for Evangelism & Discipleship


NT Project # 114375
Battambang, Cambodia
June 7 – August 4
3 Males & 3 Females
$2243 + Airfare

Labor in sharing the Gospel, building relationships, communicating Christ, and meeting with small groups for the purpose of making Christ known among the Cambodian youth population.  You will use the Bible to teach English to high school and university students, and disciple a group of young believers. 



Cambodia is a nation still recovering from the national genocide of the late 1970’s. Because of the millions who died in that era, the youth of today are truly the future of Cambodia. Approximately 75% of the population is under the age of 30. Less than 1% knows Christ. Expect to dress conservatively. No shorts in public for men or women. Women should not wear low-cut or sleeveless shirts. Men must shave their facial hair. Housing will be in a local hotel or guesthouse.

This is a Nehemiah Teams project, which means you will participate in NT orientation prior to departure for the field and NT debriefing upon your return.  You will fly round trip from Atlanta, Georgia.


 Group of young people

The climate is hot and humid.  Diet will be mostly rice and a small amount of meat & vegetables.  Healthcare is limited.  Emergency situations would involve transport to Bangkok, Thailand, for care.  Minor medical issues that may flare up under the local conditions include asthma due to pollution, kidney stones due to dehydration, and gallstones due to change in diet.