Experience Southeast Asia - Thailand & Malaysia!


Project #SEA2018
June 27 – July 31
$2,000 inclusive of food, accommodations, and airfare
12 Students

Students will spend 10 days in Thailand teaching ESL and building relationships with Thai students in local universities & vocational colleges. Thai students love having opportunities to interact with Americans. These classes are a fun & engaging way for you to meet an important need while building relationships & sharing the gospel.  From Thailand, you will travel to Sarawak, Malaysia, to serve alongside career personnel and national leadership on a Longhouse Project team. You will assist with construction, community development, and children’s activities.  You will have many opportunities to engage with the Iban & Malay people and share the gospel.  Housing in both Thailand and Malaysia will be in a modest hotel or guesthouse.

 Adults praying


This project is sponsored and partially funded by the Office of Missions Mobilization, MBCB.  The student cost for all expenses including airfare is $2,000.  Since MBCB is underwriting most of the per person expense, students serving on this project will not be eligible to receive an additional scholarship from the BSU State Missions Fund.

Buddhism is the cultural religion of Thailand.  Ninety percent of Thais have little or no understanding of the gospel.  Muslim is the majority religion of Malaysia, but many people are open and searching for Truth.


Climate is extremely hot and humid. Must be in good condition to withstand heat, walk distances, climb stairs, and do manual labor.