Sabaneta Summer Team #2


Project #DR2
Sabaneta, Dominican Republic
July 3 – August 1
6 Males
$930 + Airfare

Come and serve with our church plant as we reach out to the community of Sabaneta and surrounding villages.  We need students to join us on home visits and working with baseball & soccer teams.  While in the homes or at the ballfield, you will have opportunities to engage by sharing a short Bible story and praying.  You will help with summer projects like VBS, Sports Camps, Children’s Camp, and Medical Clinics. There will be opportunities to assist in ministries to Haitian refugees and with community medical needs.  Use the gifts God has given you to be the hands and feet of Jesus in an area that is spiritually dark and in desperate need of the hope that only God can offer.



Sabaneta is a small, rural community in the province of Santiago Rodriguez located near the border of Haiti.  The primary religions are Santaria (a form of Catholicism) and Haitian Voodoo.  Our primary method of evangelism is “storying,” which is a method of sharing a simple story from the Bible along with life application.  Housing will be in a guest apartment.


Students need to be ready to work hard and walk long distances.  Our typical workday is 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.  The climate is hot & dry, so you will be hot & tired most of the time.