Engaging Unreached East Asian Peoples Through Media

East Asia

Project #EA-01
East Asia
May 26 – June 30
2 Males & 2 Females
$1200 + Visa + Airfare

Come engage unreached peoples in East Asia as you write and use photography or video. We are seeking students who want to travel through a western part of East Asia capturing their experiences in writing and photography/videography. It is important to enjoy writing and/or photography/videography. Experience with social media marketing is also a plus. Your time in East Asia will be spent traveling in a beautiful part of the country that is not well known to the world. You will document your experience and share it through social media with the world. Your skills will provide access and the goal will be to build relationships and engage unreached peoples with gospel truth as you travel.


You will live in a green city of 2 million that is on the edge of a desert. It is a desert climate but the temperature is not too hot in June. You can expect to walk a lot in the city, in mountain areas, and in desert tourist parks. You will travel outside the city to market towns and villages up to 5 hours away from the city. Pollution is not an issue in June but sometimes sand storms do blow through.


Hospitals are available and have great modern equipment if emergencies arise. Most medication is available in local pharmacies.