Disciple-Maker:  University Student Ministry

Two girls

East Asia #8291
4 Females
May 30 – July 12
$2,275 + Airfare
*Flexible dates available.

Students with a drawing

Students will be actively involved in university student fellowships and English clubs where you’ll make friends and follow up with those you believe the Father is leading you to in order to share the Gospel or disciple. Seek to make individual appointments with English speakers, both students and professionals, and conduct weekly outreach Bible study groups using English. Long-term personnel will guide you in these tasks. We are team-oriented, but self-motivation is HIGHLY NECESSARY. You’ll immerse yourself in the lives and culture of mainly atheistic students.  Most of each day will be spent hanging out with students, challenging their worldview, presenting the Gospel truth whenever possible, and modeling church life through Bible studies and worship. You’ll use your gifts, enhance your skills, and gain real experience. Don’t pass up this opportunity!


Students eating lunch

The food is salty, often greasy, and sometimes spicy. Deep fried dishes are popular as are a variety of noodle dishes and soups and meat & vegetable dumplings. Dress is western. There are malls and shopping centers and eating options like Burger King and Pizza Hut. You will stay in a fully furnished apartment. Bring modest summer clothes – no short shorts or tank tops. Both sandals and comfortable tennis shoes are recommended. 


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Extensive walking in extreme heat with poor air quality is necessary. The air quality can affect certain people. Most buildings don’t have air conditioning with temperatures in the 80’s. City public transportation is good, but walking 1 or 2 miles per day around the campus/city as well as to and from bus stops is normal.