Multiply New York Intern

Project #NY-02
2 Students
May 26 – August 6

The Multiply Program of Metro New York Baptist Association (MNYBA) is an opportunity to partner with an established church, church plant, or church plant team in the metro New York area. As an intern with one of our local churches or teams, you will have leadership responsibilities that help them better serve their local neighborhood and live out their vision and mission.  New York City is one of the world's most diverse cities with 190 nations, over 100 unreached people groups represented, and almost 900 spoken languages. It is also a city of extreme socio-economic diversity with incomes ranging from just a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars a year. As a Multiply Intern with an established church, church plant, or church plant team, you will be actively engaging the diverse neighborhood that your church or team is working hard to serve and reach with the Good News. You could be helping in anything from block parties, servant evangelism, VBS, ESL classes, Bible studies, or discipleship. Your placement will be largely determined by the gifts and passions God has given you. You must be able to handle leadership responsibilities and able to build relationships with people from any number of cultures or walks of life. You must be able to accurately and effectively communicate the Gospel to this diversity of people. If you are ready to see the nations gathered together in one place and be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of God, NEW YORK CITY IS FOR YOU! Weekly development days are required. They are a way to help you grow in your personal walk, as well as gain a better understanding of the work in NYC as a whole. You will also receive intentional mentoring and training weekly from your assigned church partners. All students will live with 2 or 3 other interns on the 6th floor of the MNYBA building.  You MUST be able to daily climb 6 flights of stairs.

Metropolitan NY Baptist Association