Baptist Home for Girls Summer Intern

Baptist Home for Girls

Madill, Oklahoma
Project #OK-02
2 Females
May 29 – July 31


The summer missionary’s main objective is to build healthy relationships with our girls and live the Gospel in daily interaction with them. It is so important for our girls to see how a Christian young lady finds their faith relevant in everyday situations. Your lifestyle will attract girls who are believers and need to be mentored to build spiritual disciplines into their lives, and enable those who are not believers to hear and see the Gospel and respond. There will be both planned activities and informal settings where the Gospel can be shared. You will live in each of our 4 cottages during the summer and have an opportunity to get to know girls and house parents in each cottage family. You will join them in recreational activities and trips, and you will plan events and lead Bible studies and devotions for them. You will have opportunities to assist the house parents by entertaining the girls, running errands, and cooking meals. Whether you spend time with the girls baking in the kitchen, walking around campus, or playing a game, your purpose is to build relationships of trust and model the lifestyle of a Christian.