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101 Ways to Impact the World

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

"The Church has become too dependent on short-term mission trips as its only mobilization strategy."

Isn't that an interesting thought? Imagine if thousands of churches were to mobilize hundreds of thousands of their members to participate in the Great Commission on a daily or weekly basis, year-round, every year! Imagine if missions became a regular, on-going part of their lives instead of an annual trip.

More inspiring thoughts from The Traveling Team (creators of 101 Ways to Impact the World):

"This book will give you practical ways on how to engage in God’s global mission. We will walk you through 101 different ways to engage in God’s mission right now. These tangible acts will lead to the cultivation of global Christian habits and obedience while growing your heart for God and His world.

We do not want you to miss being part of the greatest story ever told, stepping into the mission of God, because the idea we have of missions is limited to a summer trip."

Check out 101 Ways to Impact the World. The .pdf version is free. [Click on the link at the top of this post, not the picture below.]

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