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A New Prayer for TWR Supporters & Missionaries

As a volunteer for Trans World Radio, TWR… I often pray for TWR donors. Usually, I begin by praying for their salvation. I assume all/most of them are saved, but their salvation is so important, with eternal implications, that I must include it.

Secondly, I pray that they would enjoy a close walk with Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is the greatest blessing that anyone can experience in this life or the next, which lasts forever. I wrote about that here: .

Next, I pray that God would bless every part of their life… their health, finances, relationships, and more. But when troubles come their way, may they feel God’s presence in a mighty way. I ask God to put people in their lives during those difficult times to minister to them. And may they have a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

While reading through Psalms, I came across a new, additional prayer for them. From Psalm 20:

May the Lord answer them when they are in distress. May He protect them and send them help and support. May He remember their sacrifices and accept their offerings. May He give them the desire of their heart and make all their plans succeed. May we shout for joy over their victory! May the Lord grant all their requests.

This is also a great prayer for missionaries, other evangelists, pastors and workers. I wrote about that here: .

I think it's important to clarify that the only way someone could possibly experience "the desire of their heart" or see the "Lord grant all their requests" is if their heart is aligned with God's. Even then... I'm sure there will be hardships, persecutions, and difficulties, necessitating the need for trust and perseverance. I wrote about that here: .

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Jan 17

Great insights into blessing these folks across the entire spiritual and physical landscape we all follow God through on our individual journeys with Him,

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