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A Prayer From God for the Unreached #1

Updated: Aug 13

I was praying, recently, for an unreached people group. I know Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, interceding for me, and nothing I can say compares to that. But still… I wanted to pray better so I asked God to help me. Right then and there, He gave me this prayer from Romans 1. Thank you, God!!!

(From Romans 1:5) Heavenly Father, help us to call the [Yahudic Jews] to the obedience that comes from faith for Jesus’ name’s sake.

We know that…

(From Romans 1:6) The [Yahudic Jews] are called to belong to Jesus Christ.

(From Romans 1:7) The [Yahudic Jews] are loved by you and called to be your holy people.

(From Romans 1:10) I pray that now at last by your will, Lord, the way may be opened for missionaries to come to the [Yahudic Jews].

So they will hear…

(From Romans 1:16) The Gospel, which is the power of God that brings salvation.

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