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Updated: Jun 21

I was doing a little browsing on the Joshua Project website, and found 101 Ways to Impact the World, . That will likely be my next post, but first, I want to share with you an inspirational video (Way #78). It's called Momentum Yes. Even before I recently completed the 15-week Perspectives class on missions, I knew I wanted to get involved in making disciples of every nation, tribe, people and language right now! I did not want to wait for retirement. I didn't want to wait another day! When God gives you a passion for missions, it becomes a wonderful part of your life. Then God began showing me ways that I could daily participate in the Great Commission without quitting my day job or moving. He can do that for you, too. He's doing it for more and more people, and that is further accelerating our progress. This mission could be completed in our lifetimes! So check out the video. It's exactly what God put on my heart. Here, again, is the link to the video:

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