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Great Story of the Power of Prayer

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

I'm reading Towers to Eternity by Dr. Paul E. Freed, the founder of Trans World Radio, TWR. Early in their marriage, Paul's wife, Betty Jane, lived with his parents while he did some work in Europe. Listen to how Betty Jane describes her mother-in-law in a letter to her husband:

"I've heard you tell how Mother has made a practice of praying two hours and twenty minutes each day. I couldn't understand how anyone could tithe his time for prayer! . . . I have never seen anyone live more perfectly than Mother does. She has a knack of doing her dusting, planning her meals, doing her cooking. She always looks neat and clean. Always seems rested, never cross or irritable. Always she's loving. To me she's a living example of what I would like to be when I think about following the Lord. I've wished I could see how it can actually be done, how some human being could actually put Christianity into practice. Well, darling, you've given me the opportunity! She is the epitome of a Christian. It's just like being 'oiled.?' Her life moves without friction. I suppose it is the 'oil of the Holy Spirit.'

"Her desire is to be like Christ…”

I've never heard of someone tithing their time in prayer. And, to be honest... I know prayer is essential when it comes to God's work, but a little part of me wondered just how productive it could be to spend that much time in prayer. Then, immediately, my next thought was all that God accomplished through her son, Paul. Consider this about Trans World Radio, TWR:

  • Broadcasts and content distribution in 230+ languages and dialects to a potential audience of over 4 billion people.

  • Partners, offices or working representatives in 80+ countries and regions.

  • Audio, video and text available 24/7 for streaming and downloading in 140 languages at, visited over half a million times each month and accessible from any connected device.

  • Broadcasts via 11 major transmitter sites as well as 1,300+ AM, FM, network, internet and satellite outlets.

Now as you check out the map of TWR's shortwave and AM radio coverage, think about what impact Paul's mother had, through prayer, on his ministry.

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