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Lead a Small Group (or Your Family) in a Study of Missions

Updated: Aug 17

This website has some great resources. I down-loaded (at no charge) a digital copy of a study guide with the idea of eventually leading a small group from my church through a study of missions. Here's a description:

"Explore the World Christian Lifestyleis a 7-lesson study designed to introduce your congregation to God’s Word, his world, and the work he invites every believer into."

Via encourages church leaders to "Create opportunities for your congregation to practice five new habits focused on the unreached."

When you click START TODAY on the website, you are directed to Via's old website, , Center for Mission Mobilization, where you can find lot of great ideas/resources for participating in the Great Commission!

[To explore ViaNations, click on the link at the top of this post, not the picture below.]

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