Serving in Canada

A few weeks ago, the interns attended an Iftar dinner on campus, which is a feast hosted by the Muslim community, to celebrate the end of Ramadan. We were all very uneasy and awkward at first, but God opened so many doors to meet new friends, share our beliefs and love others. Through this, we made friendships with girls that attend the University of British Columbia.

Serving Among the Urban Nations of NYC

I have been in New York for over a week now and it has been absolutely fabulous. My team and I have finished all of our training, and we have our summer teaching schedules. I will be teaching a beginner’s literary class, a citizenship class, a computer class and a third level English through the Bible class. I’m super excited to finally meet all my students and begin to make that relationship that will hopefully lead to Gospel conversations. 

Vancouver, B.C.: A City of Dreamers

I've now spent 6 full days in another country. I'd like to believe that I'm full of vision about what this journey might lead to, but instead of thinking about myself, I find myself mostly thinking about this city and the people that inhabit it. I would not describe Vancouver as a melting pot of immigrants, but I would describe it as a congregation of many people groups. (Melting pot implies that each group has meshed into one group with similar ideals).