Serving Among the Urban Nations of NYC

AnnaLea Munn
June 12, 2018

AnnaLea Munn

I have been in New York for over a week now and it has been absolutely fabulous. My team and I have finished all of our training, and we have our summer teaching schedules. I will be teaching a beginner’s literary class, a citizenship class, a computer class and a third level English through the Bible class. I’m super excited to finally meet all my students and begin to make that relationship that will hopefully lead to Gospel conversations. 

This week we have had a short-term team with us from Florida.  They are helping us target people who need to hear the Message we came here to share, and also children in the local parks. They have been going to mosque with us and helping us kick off our first week of the park VBS and children’s ESL classes.  

Here are my prayer requests: 

  1. Pray for the short-term team as they serve, and that they would understand the importance of what they are doing. 
  2. Pray for the women’s Bible class I will teach. Pray that the Lord will bring women that are open to the Gospel.
  3. Pray that our team will have unity and energy as we work together all summer.
  4. Pray for the non-believing individuals I will come into contact with - that they see Jesus through me and my actions. 
  5. Pray for the children - that the VBS camps will be beneficial and that the children will hear the Truth. 
  6. Pray for the local church plants in Queens New York - that they will continue to see growth and changed lives. 
  7. Pray for my partner, Taylor, We will be working together during the summer. She gets the amazing pleasure of living with me for the whole two months. 

Thank you for all your support and your prayers. Enjoy the photos.