Serving in New England

Jason Logan, Mississippi College
June 19

Jacob Logan

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a week since I arrived in Massachusetts, but time has flown by. People always say that it’s important to be flexible on the mission field, and I have found that to be very true.

We got to work as soon as we arrived.  Saturday morning we helped coach elementary soccer with a local school in Worcester. That night we attended a service at a church plant about 30 minutes away in Marlborough, another church that we will be helping at throughout the summer.

The Church on Seven Hills focuses on building relationships within the local community and cities around them. This is a great model of what evangelical churches should be like in New England culture. Having a relationship with someone can be an important factor in sharing the Gospel, especially here. When you know them personally and they know they can trust you, it really strengthens your ability to share the Gospel with them. We would not be able to do some of the things we are doing if the schools and people did not already know the people at the church.

Jacob and friends

For a few days this week, we partnered with a missions team from Texas to do some work on the church. We tore down a wall and painted to make a larger, better space for kids, all in time for their upcoming VBS. Thursday night, my teammate, Paul, and I led a small group college Bible study. Afterwards, we went with them to get frozen yogurt and spent time getting to know them better. I can already tell this will be a great summer filled with personal growth as well as fun times of fellowship.

I already love the city of Worcester.