Sharing with Friends in EA

Harrison Armour, Mississippi State University
June 19

Harrison Armour

Dear friends and family,

It’s time for the Chinese version of "Two Truths and a Lie."

The three following statements will consist of two truths and one lie regarding some of my experiences here in China.  Let me know which one you think is the lie, and in my final update, I will reveal it to you!

  1. In China, people drink hot water because they think it is healthier and cleaner than cold water.  So when I went to get my haircut with Tim, while we were waiting, one of the workers brought us hot water to drink.  I drank the whole thing!
  2. People in this city ride bikes and scooters to get around town so much so that there is pretty much a bike lane on every street.  One evening when I was biking using the ofo bike share app, my left pedal fell off while I was biking! I also got it on video! 
  3. This one lunch I had at a hot pot restaurant, they brought out all different kinds of meat for us.  You put the meat in the hot pot to let it cook, then take it out when it's ready.  One of the meats they brought out was the third stomach of a cow.  I had two pieces of the cow's third stomach. 

Can you spot the lie?

On a more serious note, this week has definitely been different, yet good.  The team I had been working with went back to America, so it was my first week without them here.  That also means I am no longer spending my nights in a hotel.  I have upgraded to a couch!

Last Sunday, I got coffee with my new friend who is a member of the communist party, but we actually did not talk that much about it.  I was able to share the gspl with him.  He seemed to understand and was interested!  We have plans for coffee this Tuesday.  

Last Sunday night, I got dinner with another friend.  We had agreed to him reading some of the good book, but he had not read it.  He was able to ask me questions though, and I hope that by His power my answers made sense.  He did seem truly interested.  We had a good conversation and hope to get dinner sometime this week. 

On Monday, I got lunch with two more new friends and I brought my friend, “J.”  J's Chinese is really good because J is Chinese, so he was able to communicate very well with them.  He explained the gspl clearly and exchanged contact information with them, so hopefully, they will continue to meet.

On Tuesday, I played basketball with another group of friends.  There were only four of us, so we took turns playing one-on-one and then played two-on-two.  Let's just say that I would have made my basketball coach brother proud!  We have plans for lunch next week.

On Wednesday, I had lunch with a friend who was able to hear the gspl shared by another Chinese friend. He seemed interested and later that day, came to play Frisbee with a group of us.  That night, I got dinner with my friend Red and we had fun conversation.  I inquired about his thoughts regarding Father and the gspl since our last meeting.  He seems to understand and is interested, and we have plans to meet again.

On Thursday, I shared the gspl with another friend over lunch.  It makes sense to him and he likes it, but needs more time to consider.  Later, he came out to a picnic to just hang out.  That was encouraging. 

On Friday, I went to the Disney Resort in Shanghai.  After all, I am a tourist!  I had a great time hanging out with my M family.

Please lift all of these friends up, and pray that more conversations will follow!

Harrison Armour
Mississippi State University