GenSend Toronto

Mary Anne Goolsby

Mary Anne Goolsby – MUW – GenSend Toronto

Aye! (Read that in a Canadian accent for the full effect!)

My team and I finally made it to Toronto after a few days packed full of training, several delayed planes (one of which had plastic string stuck in the engine and made us feel very safe), and getting to ride our first double decker bus!! Tomorrow starts our first day in Hamilton, which is essentially a smaller city that is a part of the massive city that is Toronto, where we’ll be spending most of our time. Here are some ways you can be praying for us…

First: This team, y’all. We have bonded so well and laughed so much since meeting on Friday. I’m fairly certain we’re all going to have abs by the end of the summer because we’ve spent so much time laughing and cutting up. I so appreciate the light, encouraging dynamic that we have. The thing I’m most excited about with my team, though, is that we are STACKED. During training, we had several chances to talk about where our passions and interests lie and how we wanted to use those in our city this summer. Listening to my teammates talk about all the different passions and gifts that they have and want to intentionally use while here encouraged me so much. Being in the most diverse city in the world for a summer with so many different areas we can focus on gets me PUMPED. Please pray that we would be ALL IN every single day, invest our time well, and would remain unified, because these 6 weeks are going to fly by and ain’t NOBODY got time for all that dis-unification stuff the enemy likes to sneak in when things are going well.

Second: Our city coaches and the local church plants in this area. Their names are Brett, Kathryn, and Bugg. The church plant we are working with is called the Hamilton Fellowship. They have welcomed us so well with Chili and homemade Sweet Tea already and have worked so hard for us to be able to come. We really appreciate their hearts and endurance that they have run this race with, even though they are in a tough environment. Please pray they would remain encouraged to press on, that Jesus’s name would be made known through them, and that the local church here would grow, grow, grow through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Third: Hamilton. This place is poppin’. It is a city of confusion about what Truth with a capital T is and cynicism toward the Gospel. From what we’ve been told, most Canadians have walls built up very high from past hurts and misconceptions they have about Jesus and it takes time for those to get broken down. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our conversations and the relationships that we make this week and that we would trust God with that and take Him at His Word. Pray that we would be faithful to speak loving truth even when it is unpopular or uncomfortable to do so. Pray that God would give us His grace to love the people we meet with the love that He has given us, and boldness when sharing our faith.

Love y’all all the way from “Turruno” (as the Canadians say :-)