Oaxaca Trailblazers

Cody Cullen

Cody Cullen – Ole Miss – Oaxaca Trailblazers

Our first week went well! All of the families who have been hosting us for meals have given us more than enough good-tasting food, and we have been blessed to be able to  get a good amount of rest. Teaching English in the schools has gone well, and some of the students have been hanging out with us at our events afterwards. Our house visits have been fruitful and encouraging as well. 

We visited the household of a girl who was in a bad car accident, which left part of her body immovable. The local church has been praying for her and she has been undergoing a rapid and blessed recovery! She still has some way to go, but the family gives credit to God for the miracle. After sharing a Bible story and one of our testimonies, they asked us where to begin reading the Bible, and we recommended the book of John. Please pray for continued physical healing, and for eyes awakened to spiritual truth as they read through scripture. 

At another house, we visited a family who had lost a son.  We wanted to pray for them and share a Bible story associated with fear. Despite being told she could not have children, God blessed one of the women in the household with children. The household was very hospitable, but they did not seem very open to talking about spiritual things.  Pray that they would rely upon God for deliverance from fear, and that they would glorify God for the twins He blessed them with.

Group of people

There is another family we have run into on multiple occasions, and we are forming a hopeful friendship with them. The mom is very interested in Scripture, and she has had some believers from the local church explain some of it to her. We also gave her some questions to ask while reading Scripture that we believe will help with Bible reading. Her son struggles with alcoholism but has come to everything we have invited him to. He has heard us share the Gospel at least twice now. We are awaiting to see if he will come to our church service Sunday evening or our Philippians Bible study after our church service. Pray for the Spirit to open the mom’s eyes as she reads Scripture, and for the Spirit to give her son a desire for God and to open his ears as he hears us share the Gospel with him.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!Please pray for continued spiritual, physical, and mental protection, for good team relations, for discernment in our teaching and ministry decisions, for blessings on our host home, the homes that host us for meals, and for our village