Serving in Europe

Michaela Williams

Michaela Williams – Ole Miss - Europe

Like last week, this week was very busy, but God remained faithful (as always).

At our second English club, we had 8 people come! That may sound like a small number, but it increased from last week, and we were able to connect with new people, so praise God for that!  We also had a good turnout for our second Friday hang out night, and it was a sweet and fun time with friends.

Saturday, a teammate and I hung out with two new friends (names withheld for security reasons).  One of them lives in the same area of town that we do, so we rode the bus back together. Our conversation turned spiritual, and we spent a couple of hours that night discussing our beliefs. I'm not sure what has been happening with him in the last few weeks, but he told us that he has been studying different religions to find truth. Please pray that God will open his eyes and reveal Himself.


Sunday night, I had the opportunity to go to church at one of the church plants that most of our field partners attend. It was so restful to worship with believers as we do at home.

It was partly in English and partly in Serbian. During one of the Serbian songs, I stopped and listened, and I was overwhelmed with thoughts of what Heaven must be like. It was absolutely beautiful to hear my King worshipped in another language!

Continue to pray for our friends, especially for the two (one guy and one girl) who have agreed to read the Bible.  Pray that the Word would pierce their hearts and the Lord would pursue them. Please remember our team, and pray that we would be faithful to the work that God has called us to here.  The soil is hard, and that can be discouraging because we are not always able to see God working. It may not be in the ways we expect, but God is moving in this country and drawing people to Himself. Pray that we would remember that He is sovereign and faithful.

Eating with friends

Lastly, pray for the churches that have been planted here (Kairos and Emaus) as they strive to love their city and their people.