Teaching English as a Second Language

Rachel Reed

Rachel Reed – MC – Teaching ESL – Oaxaca, Mexico

This has been a tiring, challenging week, but it turns out that that is a great kind of week to have --- at least, when you look back at it, but maybe not as you are going through it!

This was our first week to go out to into two different villages to teach English in the schools. Lydia (one of the girls on my team) and I were sent to teach middle school kids. When we got to the school, we found out that the principal was not there, and the guy that was in charge didn't know what we were supposed to be doing. It was eventually decided that we would teach “the second grade” in the secondary school, which for us is about 7th grade.

There were three 2nd grade groups, and we had about 45 minutes with each group. The kids took it as a big joke pretty much the whole time. They laughed through the lesson and basically told us they didn't see the need to learn English (even though it is a required course). It is a joke here that Americans basically just add "-tion" to the end of every word, so one student kept saying "pination" every time I held up the pineapple, which is "pina" in Spanish. I will admit that it was funny the first couple of times, but then it got frustrating (but also a funny story now). They were definitely typical middle school aged kids!

School building

The school did ask us to come back, though! We will be teaching English from 9-11, and then planting trees at the school from 12-2. While it seems very random for us to be planting trees, we are actually pretty excited about that part, and we are hoping that the kids will be a little more receptive to the English lessons. Either way, we know that God has us at this school with these kids for a reason and we are excited about that and ready to go back to serve Him and them.

During English Corner, I had someone ask if we could meet to practice her English (yay!). So, we have been able to meet a couple of times and have some conversations. She ended up asking us to come to her youth group with her (yay, again!). We went with her and got to meet more of the youth from her church and have a Bible Study with them. We also had our interpreter's class with three people showing up, which is pretty normal for that class.


We got to celebrate the fathers in Alfa y Omega Church on Sunday. We had another great service and Anna got to share her testimony this week! Then we joined them in fellowship by eating lunch at the church afterwards. I think everyone has already learned our names and they have come up to encourage us. They are very patient with us trying to translate and just laugh with us when we don't understand. They are all so welcoming and are such an awesome group of people to worship with while we are here. I am very thankful to be able to open up a new week with them every Sunday.

God is answering prayers in helping us build relationships here, so thank you for your continued prayers! I am encouraged by y'all and so, so thankful. Please pray for us as we go out to teach in the villages and for the kids we will be teaching. Also, please continue to pray for the people in Alfa y Omega Church.