Teaching in Thailand

Sarah Rogers

Sarah Rogers – MSU – Thailand

I am already falling in love with Thailand and Thai people! They are unbelievably nice and generous. You can literally “wai” (put your hands together and bow) to any person on the street and say hello (Sawadi kah!) and they will do it back to you with a smile on their face. Thailand is known for its spicy food, and it definitely is! The people are so considerate toward us, though, and make plenty of food that is not too spicy!

Surprisingly enough, I had a very smooth transition coming here. I slept a ton on the plane, so I did not experience jet lag at all! Also, I have not seen any signs of me having culture shock. Orientation did a great job prepping us in every aspect: from the squatty- potties and bucket baths with bugs everywhere, to the language and culture.

Our supervisor and a few other people we will see this summer came to greet us at the airport, and the first place he took us to was good ole Burger King at 2 am! Two days later, we visited my supervisor’s friend. He is American, but he dedicated his life to teaching English and teaching the good news here. Since knowing English is tied to having success, it is such a great way to share. While we were at his house, it rained for 2 hours straight! As soon as we stepped onto the street, the water flooded almost all the way up to our knees!

Group of people

That night, we helped teach English at the place where our supervisor’s friend works. At the end, my team and I met a girl with an evil spirit inside her. The scary part was that I did not even notice it. Krissy knew a lot about what’s going on in new age and Pentecostal movements, and was able to identify that the girl had invited a kundalini spirit inside of her. This was a major wake-up call that we need to be aware of spiritual warfare this summer!

The next day, we traveled to the village where we will be for the next month. Before we got there, we visited our supervisor’s friend. Tons of people were there, including the principal of a nearby school. He joined so that he could learn more about our Savior. My supervisor handed me a cube that illustrated the good news, and I shared it with everyone. It was a very spontaneous request, but it all worked out. He shared it again and answered questions, then the principal accepted Our Savior into his heart!! Our Father is so amazing, and allows things to happen when we least expect it!


This past week, we worked with a pastor that created a program with his family called “Think Small Foundation.” It is a drug prevention program that incorporates the good news. It goes around to different schools in several countries. They trained us to each have a certain act to perform. My act was a magic trick about what happens to lungs when you smoke. This was so much fun! We went to five schools in three days. On the first day that we performed, a teacher came up to us and wanted our contact info so she could learn more about our Savior!! Another amazing thing that happened was that on our way to a performance, we drove an old couple to the hospital, and the good news was shared with them!!

Our Father is so amazing. He is really moving in this area of Thailand. We have seen more fruit in these past 2 weeks than we had hoped for during the entire summer!

Please lift up the principal and the teacher. And continue to pray that hearts would be softened in Thailand, that relationships would be built as we go around to all the houses in the village, for strength as we face spiritual warfare, and for team unity.