Serving in Toronto

Stevie Thomas

Stevie Thomas – MC – GenSend Toronto

Y’all! It is day 3 and the LORD IS MOVING!!!!!!!!! We are walking a lot and taking public transportation (buses... we are confused all the time! LOL), but we met a lady on the bus - her name was Abby. She was intrigued with us Americans and said that my accent was "prominent." We told her about church, so hopefully she will come!

We also went into a coffee shop today before starting to work and met a girl named Vicki. She wants to go hiking and stuff with us! She came tonight and had dinner with us and brought her friend Patrick. She practices Buddism but neither are very religious. Pray for them! We’re’ meeting back up with them hopefully Friday!

And then we were walking to a Bible study. I was holding my Bible and a man comes up and says, "Are you preaching?" and after I laughed and said no, I invited him to our Bible study. His name was Arthur, and he says he is a Christian, but does not practice at all. He wanted our prayers though!

Be in prayer for all of them and us!! We are excited to hopefully connect these people to the Church we are working with.