Sharing the Good News

Alexis Jones

Alexis Jones – MC – South Asia


God has surely been at work here in South Asia. He has turned canceled Uber rides into getting invited into the houses of Cousins, cancelled follow-up dates into spending time with youth teaching English, rainy days into quality time spent in prayer, amongst multiple other instances. God has truly been faithful to our team. Over the past week we have been granted the opportunity to travel to village homes to pray and share the gospel with them. It has been amazing to see the work of the Lord’s hands in the lives of the people here. There has certainly been a lot of laughter shared as well. Yesterday, we attempted to trek up a mountain to reach a temple at the top to pray, but we were rudely halted by a pack of monkeys who seemed to guard it, so we quickly turned around and retreated back down the mountain! Today, we ventured 3 hours outside of the city to a rural village to share the Good News and pray with the people. It was very encouraging to meet many believers in the middle of nowhere South Asia. The Spirit of the Lord is at work in this place, and it is amazing. In this village, I also got the wonderful privilege to help a mother name her baby son. She was asking about biblical names that started with “G,” and I shared Gideon with her. Her beautiful baby boy is now named Gideon, meaning “mighty warrior of the Lord.”


These past few weeks have been full of excitement and surprises, and I owe all of the praise to our gracious Heavenly Father. He continues to grant us with boldness, strength, energy, and love. We lean not on our own understanding but on the power and wisdom of Christ our Lord.

Thank you all so much for your prayers! Please continue to pray for the health of our team and for us to continue to rely on the Lord for everything. Also, I ask that you continue to pray for South Asia and for all the lost, that God permeates their souls with His presence. Pray also for everyone we have already shared with. The Lord’s hand is never too short to save, so please pray that ones who have heard the Good News will count the cost and choose to accept Christ into their hearts as their one and only God. #SpareNoOne