The Point Team Vancouver

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward – BMC – The Point Team Vancouver

Vancouver is beautiful! Our team is staying on the campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU), and at any given time we can see all kinds of trees, mountains in the distance, and from some places, we even get a glimpse of the vast cityscape. The weather here is insanely different from how I know it is back home. Most days have been in the 60s with cool breezes, and I am loving it! However, one thing that’s been hard to get used to is the sun. It begins to rise before 5am, and doesn’t completely set until around 10 pm, which makes for some long days.

Our team is partnered with The Point Church, which functions out of the SFU campus. We’ve spent most of our time so far helping at various campus events, connecting with students, and really just doing whatever the church needs us to do. Sometimes that includes babysitting or starting to organize a truly hectic office space. Different ways we’ve been able to connect with students include playing ultimate Frisbee (so fun!), attending some social events around campus (like an ice cream party), and going to FOCUS club every Friday (which is a great way to meet international students).

Sarah with friends

Last week some of us had the opportunity to volunteer at an Indigenous Feast, which honored all of the Indigenous SFU graduates. Through that, we were able to experience a new culture and gain insight into some of their traditions and values. These people are extremely close and family-oriented, so it was an honor to be able to share such a special night with them.

The Lord is doing wonderful things in Vancouver and through The Point, and I am honored to be a part of it this summer. If you want to send me a letter this summer, you can! I love receiving letters, so it would make my entire summer if any (or all 🙃) of you decided to write. Here’s the address:

AQ 3200-8888 University Drive,
Burnaby, BC,