Chris Williams

Chris Williams – MC – South Asia

At the beginning of this past week, we had no idea what we were going to do for the week. All the company people in our region of South Asia left to attend a conference, so we were kind of on our own with a somewhat plan. However, that plan fell through, so brother Samson, who we worked with the previous week, took us under his wing and made accommodations for our team to be with him again, which was definitely ordained by Father.

Chris with a child

We got to go with Ambika (our translator) to visit some more houses around the church. One of the first families we went to were all neighbors and were somehow related to Ambika. When we entered into the home there was a lady lying on the bed who was obviously very ill. We found out that she has been battling cancer for two years. We asked if we could share a story from the Word with her and lift her up, which she said was okay. Through using the Word app on our phone, we pulled up a copy of the Word in her native language and began to read and tell the story of the Son healing the paralytic. I explained how the paralytic was not only physically in need of healing but also spiritually in need of healing through forgiveness of sins from the Son. I explained how the sin inside all of us is so much more deadly than any physical sickness we could ever have and that through believing in the Son and asking for forgiveness, we can be healed spiritually and receive salvation. I told her that I was going to lift her up to be healed from cancer and I hoped that Father would heal her like He has done for so many people. I also told her that she can be healed spiritually right now in this moment which is much more important than physical healing. She began to cry and then asked that we would just lift her up and kindly be on our way. So we lifted her up to Father for physical healing and asked that she would one day accept spiritual healing.  Then we went on our way to the next house. It was hard to see someone who is so desperate for healing and so hopeless about her future reject the One who can heal and bring hope to her life. Please be lifting her up.

With the next family, we were able to talk with the mother and her daughter. The father of the household was passed out on the floor from drinking too much alcohol and he was deathly ill. We shared with them and lifted up the father of the household that he would be healed and that he would surrender himself to Father and turn away from his addiction to alcohol.  Sadly, yesterday we found out that the man passed away over the weekend from drinking too much again. Ambika told us that the family of the father is grieving and really upset that he was not healed by our Father who we believe in. It was hard hearing the news about that yesterday and realizing that we were probably the last ones and maybe the only ones to share the Good News with him and he was too drunk to hear or understand. Please be lifting up this family and pray that they wouldn’t blame the Father for what has happened.  Pray that they would turn to Him and that Father would turn this horrible situation into something that glorifies Him and reconciles the rest of the family to Him!

Chris with brothers and sisters

The rest of the week we went to villages about 3-4 hours away from the city and met with some other churches.  All the villages were in very rural parts of the country and were absolutely gorgeous to see. We met with brothers and sisters and lifted them up.  We taught them some practical ways to share the Good News with their lost friends and family members.  While we were doing this one day, we met a believing family who allowed Alexis to name their son! They asked us if we knew any good names from the word that start with a “G” and Alexis picked Gideon! (LOL…Sarah jokingly suggested Goliath)! So then we got to lift up the baby and it was kind of crazy and funny but also a really cool moment. Another funny moment was when brother Samson took us to the top of a mountain in his car and a goat head-butted me in the ribs while I was eating my lunch.  Hahaha…you would have had to have been there because it was really funny!  Also a monkey squared up on me and I legit thought we were about throw down…LOL fun times!

The girls with Gideon

Later in the week, we got to go hiking with some of our brothers and some African international students, which was crazy but a lot of fun! We hiked two mountains - one which was so high up we were in the clouds and another in which the hike was 7 kilometers long. The second one was super steep and felt like we were climbing a ladder at some points. We had some more negative experiences with monkeys, in which they stole some snacks out of our backpacks and they mauled and jumped an old lady, which was kind of scary! Can’t tell you how many times I felt like punting one of those little things off the mountain, but people view them as gods here so I’d imagine that wouldn’t end up turning out so well.  Anyway, once we made it to the top, it was such a beautiful view! I was reminded of how big and amazing our Father really is and how He has beautifully made this country and these people for His glory.  It was also a bittersweet moment because at the top of the mountain was a temple and shrine of idols that people hike this mountain to get to, to give offerings and worship man-made idols. They are told that if they hike this mountain and make it to the top to worship, they are going to have a better life and receive something good in return. Thousands of people hike this mountain every year not to praise our Creator who loves them and died for them, but rather to worship the created and lift up empty phrases to objects made of stone. The enemy has so tightly gripped the people of South Asia and is blinding them from the Truth, so be lifting up these people, and that those worshipping stones would come to know Him as Savior.


We have been able go to back to the slums a few times this week and teach English! Be lifting up opportunities to share the Good News there!  I also got to hang out with Suman again this week! I brought one of my national brothers with me and we had a lot of good discussions about his reading of the Word from this past week. He told us, “I will not believe until I feel something. I will not believe based on evidence.”  He is basically syncretizing his beliefs with what he has read in the Word, so be lifting him up that he would keep on reading and that he would come to realize that he has to make a choice of whether or not he believes in the Son for who He really is.  Pray that he would experience the Father in a supernatural way and that he would come to realize that you can’t make decisions solely on feelings and you can’t solely use feelings to validate if something is true or not.

We are about to go on a mid-summer break to the beach, and I just ask that y’all would lift us up that we would be recharged and have some good spiritual rest to prepare for the rest of the summer!