Oklahoma Boys Ranch

Trey Washburn - NEMCC

Trey Washburn

I flew in yesterday (June 1) to Oklahoma City. Flying for the first time was an awesome experience. When I got to the Boys Town Ranch, I was given a tour and then unloaded at my apartment on the ranch that I will use as my sleeping quarters all summer. On the ranch, there are 6 cottages. Each cottage has a set of house parents and 8 boys staying there. I got to meet the Ingram family and their boys yesterday and today. They are awesome people and you can tell that the Ingrams have a heart to serve God in their calling to raise these children. I ate supper with the Ingrams and got to share my testimony with the whole family and the boys staying there, which was a blessing.

Today, I went to church with the Ingram cottage and hung out with the kids there all afternoon. I’m really enjoying it here in Oklahoma! I ask that you pray for me to build bonds with the boys here that would better allow me to help them grow in Christ and show the ones who are not saved to Christ. Above all, I pray that Christ be lifted high and His will be done. Thank you all for your prayers!