Mission Centers of Houston, Texas

Samantha Hawn

Samantha Hawn – MC – Mission Centers of Houston – Texas

The Joy Team with our directors Noe and Vanessa and their six adorable kids

I’ve been in Houston for now a week and exciting things are happening here. At Mission Centers of Houston, we have two centers: Gano serves the Northside community, and Joy serves the Magnolia Park/Greater East End community. I will be working at the Joy Center as one of three children’s coordinators. Our jobs include keeping kids while adults are receiving food pantry and clothing serves, running kids club, and running the youth club. The Lord is already doing great things in both communities, and our teams are excited as we open up tomorrow for the summer season. 

Prayer Requests:

The team and Mrs. Cheryl (our supervisor) at Champion Forest Baptist Church with their Missions pastors.
  1. For opportunities to share the Gospel with our communities.

  2. For the people we will be serving. Many of the families that receive services from MCH come from homes that are broken, or with family members involved with gangs or drugs.

  3. For our directors at both centers: Juan and Lucia Ayala who run the Gano center, and Noe and Vanessa Ortiz who run the Joy Center.

Thank y’all for supporting me and please enjoy the pictures from this week!