Serving in the Midwest

Abbie Morrow

Abbie Morrow – MSU - Colorado

It has been almost a week since we arrived in Grand Junction. In case you've never had the privilege to travel to the Midwest, I'll go ahead and tell you that it absolutely beautiful here!

On our very first full day, we went to church at Bookcliff Baptist and met lots of new people. Apparently, everyone wants to know who the new girls with the funny accents are. We started our "jobs" as interns on Monday. Throughout the beginning of the week, we walked around the city and handed out flyers advertising the events we will be having throughout the summer. Thankfully no one yelled at us, but we did get a lot of skeptical looks until we clarified we weren't selling anything.

Kids Crafts

On Wednesday, we started our weekly events with the youth. This week we went hiking to try to find some wild horses. We walked away with only a few minor injuries, but several major memories. The youths were pretty tuckered out so we decided to let them have a movie day next week instead of climbing mountains. On Wednesday night, we had our very first Kid's Club in the park. We had a few kids from the neighborhood around the park show up to play games, make crafts, and listen to a Bible story. 


The church is undergoing renovations, so we've been doing a lot of painting and moving throughout the week. We have also been doing prep for our Upward basketball camp taking place next week and our Art camp taking place later in the summer.

Ways you can be praying: 

Abbie and Maggie
  • Chad & Whitney: Chad is the pastor of Bookcliff Baptist. Chad and Whitney are currently visiting with family and Whitney is pregnant with their fourth child. Pray for their safe travels and pray for Chad as he continues to lead this church.

  • Bruce & April: Bruce is the children and student pastor and our direct supervisor for the summer. Pray for Bruce and his wife April as they transition into wedded life and live their lives in ministry.

  • Me & Maggie: Pray that we are able to adjust to the climate and altitude well, as well as, learn how to live and work with each other.

  • Bookcliff Baptist: Pray for the people of this church as they try to reach out to the community of Grand Junction. 

  • Kid's Club: Pray that more kids will come out each week and that we are able to teach them more about Jesus and his love for each and every one of them.