ESL in Oaxaca

Rachel Reed

Rachel Reed – MC – Oaxaca ESL

We have officially started our last full week here. It is crazy that exactly a week from now we will be getting back to the states for debrief!

This past Tuesday, we went to teach in the school in the village for the last time. Our whole team got to go this week because Jaki and Anna's school was already out for their summer break. We worked with the first and second grade middle-schoolers. This week we worked only on basic conversation things. So we each had a small group and rotated between them teaching the different phrases. When we first got to the school, the students were practicing their dances for the end of the year. We got to see their whole program and it was so fun to see that part of their culture. Before we left, the students taught us a little bit of the dance.  It was a fun time and a sweet goodbye. Oh and of course we checked on the trees before we left. Haha!  We are a little worried that nobody will water them while they are out for their summer break...


Wednesday we had an early 4th of July celebration with the Interpreter's class. We cooked some apple pies, watched an American movie with them and listened to some patriotic music!

Thursday we had a little 4th of July party with the missionaries here. They had been gone for a little while so it was fun to see them again. We went and found some good hamburgers because, you know, we just felt like that was pretty American. :)

Friday we had a team meeting with the missionaries. We got to share some of our favorite God moments from our time here and had some time to pray for each other. It was a sweet time to hear all that has been happening. We also went to one of the missionary's homes to play games with the other team that is here from Oxford!


Saturday we had lunch and did some adventuring with a girl we met here. We went to a cool museum in an old train station in Oaxaca. That night we went back to youth group at Alfa y Omega and Jaki and Lydia went with us. We decided we would try to take a different bus this time and let me tell you it was an adventure! But we still got there early.  Before the pastor got there, the other youth asked us to sing a worship song in English, and then they sang one in Spanish, and then we all got to sing one together in our own languages. It was a sweet time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Later, Lydia and Jaki got to answer all the deep questions that Anna and I had answered in a past week, and we ended up staying and having those conversations until really late that night. The pastor told us that he asked us these questions because he felt like hearing other people's experiences with Christ was a big way that we learn more about Christ. It was cool to see just how true that was as questions kept getting asked and testimonies and experiences were shared. 

Sunday, Anna and I went back to Alfa y Omega. We have been going through Romans in Sunday School, and the pastor also taught from Romans 12 in church. So we got to hear a really good lesson on the church and the body of Christ. Also with that, God is so good because I actually understood most of what the pastor said during the sermon. It has been so cool to see how God can work through the language barrier and even that can't hold Him back. 

Tonight we had 15 people at English Corner and a lot of them were new. It was a bittersweet class, however, because we had a lot of fun but we also had to tell them bye tonight. We have had a lot of them come every week, so we have gotten to know them over the past six weeks and it will be very different not seeing them.

Please continue to pray for our team as we go through our very busy last week. Pray that we would stay focused and have plenty of energy! Also pray for us as we leave because I don't think any of us are really ready to leave the people we have met here. 

I've attached pictures from Saturday at the museum and youth group!