O, Canada!

Stevie Thomas

Stevie Thomas – MC – GenSend Toronto

This week has been packed with information about the city, laughter, growing relationships, and a multitude of stuff, but it was a hard and exhausting week. Next week will be too, but it will be good. Pray for the people. Mentioning Jesus’ name can put up a wall immediately and we lose that connection with them. Super different from anything I have ever experienced. We have to grow in the relationships the Lord is giving and let Canadians ask the questions. Canada is Post-Christian, meaning that it was Christian but no longer is - something the States are getting close to. We pray for the city; we love on EVERYONE, tell God’s stories, and we watch God work! Pray that He will move big!


Canada Day! We got to experience our first Canada Day and it was amazing. We went to a park called Bayfront, where there was a huge festival. Hamilton knows how to throw their festivals!  And we got to meet some really cool kids and people. We also got to watch fireworks and they boomed to the music. It was so cool.

 This is something small, but one day I was really discouraged. I got me and my friend lost on the bus and we were already late to a cafe open mic night, but God stopped me and reminded me to chill out. It was needed and I am grateful to have such a caring Father stop me and remind me who He is and who I am in Him.

At the park

WOW...LOOK AT GOD!!!! This night we had church at the park! It was so encouraging just being able to praise Jesus in public and have nature praising Jesus with us!! We were out by the water, listening to music and the water tides just got a little bit rougher.  It reminded me of how nature praises God. It was beautiful! Also, I have no idea what that mark on my forehead is. Doesn't hurt, but it’s still here.

A man came and taught us Canadian history on Independence Day! It was amazing to see how Canada came to be, how far the church has drifted, and his views on how God is going to make an impact in Canada soon. He had an illustration of a young man who started as a preacher, but after many years of education, he became an atheist. This is also the story of how Canada has changed through the years. Today, there is actually a preacher in a big church in Toronto who is an atheist. Isn't that crazy!!  She is a kind person and she teaches on being kind. There is no Jesus, but that will change.

Eating fruit

Happy (late) Fourth!! So I made Nana’s famous banana pudding. Def was not as good as Nana’s. I have a lot of work to do. But we just threw together a celebration for the church and whoever else wanted to come! It was a fun time!!

We had a girls night and it was SO FUN!!!! We drew names and went to a thrift shop, where we dressed each other in 80’s outfits and then went 5 pin bowling. Y'all take some time to do a ladies or guys night because this was so much fun. Grew real close with my Ham fam.

At the game

LASTLY, we got free courtside tickets to a Honey Badgers (Hamilton’s basketball team) game! The man with the suit on in the back is from Israel. Two girls met him while doing laundry and he gave us free tickets. He is their assistant coach.  The head coach is the first woman pro basketball coach. It was so much fun! One of our people even won the biggest fan award (the guy in the blue). They were laughing because a person from Alabama won… not a Canadian!  LOL!  The guy on the far left in the tank top is a waiter two people had and he has been hanging out with us recently! Pray that leads to gospel conversations. His name is Jordan and he is an awesome dude.

That’s all!