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Abbey Crawford – USM – Thailand


This week has been so amazing but also very sad! We will leave Buriram tomorrow to visit some other villages for 3 days. We have grown to love the people here so much; it will be hard to leave them.  They are just like family! 

Abbey with Children

God has given us wonderful opportunities in the local school!  When we teach English, the school does not care what we teach them, so we have been able to walk through Creation, The Fall, and this week, we shared the story of Jesus! We were able to share the Gospel with over 350 kids this week!! It has been amazing to see some of their faces as they hear about Jesus for the first time!  Some have told us they want to come to church and learn more about Jesus but their parents will not let them.  Please pray that they would continue pursuing to know Jesus, and that their parents would let them come to church.  Pray also that for all who heard the Gospel, that they would constantly think about it, come to repentance, and believe in Jesus as their Savior.  

Abbey with woman

This week, we were able to return to a nearby village that we visited before we arrived in Buriram.  When we were there the first time, there was a man who said he wanted to follow Jesus.  We were able to visit Him again, but he still has his amulets, incense, and idols. Pray that he would grow in his understanding of what it means to worship God alone!  We were also able to visit with a woman who is paralyzed from the waist down who decided to trust Jesus as her Savior.  While we were there, she took off her amulets, which means she knows that she no longer has to be afraid of evil spirits because Jesus has power over them. (Most Buddhists wear bracelets or necklaces called amulets that they believed protect them from evil spirits.) Pray for her that she would continue to seek knowing Jesus every day and the local believers would disciple her.  Pray for Jesus to heal her from her paralysis!

Thumbs up

So this week, we praise God for…

  • Many open doors to share the Gospel,

  • Our new sister in Christ,

  • Our supervisor is recovering well,

  • Lots of sweet time spent with friends here before we had to leave.

Pray with us for…

  • Complete recovery of our supervisor from Thyroid cancer,

  • Safe travels as we visit other villages and then head back to Bangkok,

  • Open doors to share this week with boldness,

  • That we would continue loving people well, and the church here would continue to grow! 

Until All Hear,