Greetings from Korea

Gracie Henson – Hinds – South Korea

Gracie Henson

It’s hard to believe that I have been in Seoul for five weeks already! I go to school every weekday with the students, participate with P.E., and help with cleaning. We have done a few maintenance projects including staining the deck outside and waxing the chapel floor. I attended a Korean wedding one weekend which was very different from an American wedding! There was a huge buffet with so many different foods. I was able to try raw beef, and it was actually pretty good. We got to take a trip to the East Sea (Sea of Japan). It was beautiful! We also took some of the students to see the new Spiderman movie. Their reaction was hilarious! With only three weeks left, I am enjoying spending all the time I can with the students.

Recently, the students have been preparing for an English speaking contest at the school. We have been staying late after school to help them, and they have been working very hard to perfect their speeches. I look forward to seeing them present. 

We have seen many prayers answered this summer! The girls at my home started coming home earlier, but they were still staying in their rooms and not interacting with us. We started praying that they would come out of their rooms…and they did! We have been able to talk with them a lot more. Out of the four girls at the house, only one is a believer. The other three show no interest in the Bible, so be praying for their hearts to be changed. Also, keep praying that they will want to continue building relationships with us. Our house mom is very passionate about the Lord and she has no problem showing it! Every morning we read the Bible with her and sing Korean hymns. She tries to teach us the hymns, but most of the time we just make up our own lyrics. Haha!

We have been preparing for English Unification Camp (EUC), a camp for North and South Koreans to come together and interact with each other while they also learn about the Bible. South Koreans grow up scared of North Koreans, so this camp gives them the opportunity to interact and realize that they are just normal people, too. I will be leading one of the many small groups at the camp. Also, my team and I will be acting out a skit at some point during EUC about God's grace. Please be praying for us and the other leaders as we continue to prepare and for the students that will attend the camp.