Working with Children in Canada

Haley Thomas

Hailey Thomas – DSU – Northern Canada

This past week has been really great! Carley and I were able to serve in many ways, and we have enjoyed it so much. 

Tuesday, we were able to go and babysit Mrs. Beth’s grandchildren while she went to a court hearing for their dad. When she came home, we heard that the court hearing was pushed back a couple of days, but that they should hear something soon. We saw Mrs. Beth again Saturday, and she informed us that their dad’s charges against him were dropped and that the kids had returned home with him. As you can imagine, there was an array of emotions for her and her husband, Mike. They had just been told the day before that they needed to prepare to have their grandchildren living with them for at least a year. Much like the US, foster care in Canada is unpredictable. Please be praying for these sweet grandparents through their hurt, confusion, and worry for their grand babies.

Wednesday Carley was starting to feel sick, so she stayed home and I went to town to be with Kristen for both Bible studies. We met at an apartment belonging to one of the single moms who has been regularly coming to Bible study with us. It was a bit cold outside, so it wasn’t ideal to meet at the park. We were able to talk to these women about the book of John chapter 7. 

Haley and team member

Haley and team member

Thursday, we had some time prayer walking. We went to a new area downtown and prayed over a couple of apartment buildings where we were planning to do a block party. After some time in prayer, Carley and I went with Gracie (our pastor’s daughter) to go pick up our new friend, Hanna! We decided to get together and celebrate the 4th of July and hang out. We went to dinner, played Dutch Blitz, and just enjoyed spending time together. It was so much fun!

Friday was a big day because we threw one of our two block parties of the week. I brought face paints and was able to paint tons of children while Pastor Clay, his family, Carley, and Kristen handed out flyers for our upcoming Kids Kamp. We met many new friends, and made several new connections in the community. 

Haley and friends

Saturday we had our second block party in the same area we had prayer walked on Thursday. Mrs. Beth was able to join us and help us out. It was nice to get to visit with her and get to know her more. While we were there, Clay Jr. shared the gospel with one of the kids who took part in the block party. It was precious to see an 11 year old understand the importance of sharing Jesus with kids his age. We also met a very nice couple, and Carley exchanged numbers with them so we can meet up again soon. 

Sunday was busy as usual. We had the first service early in the morning and then volunteered with the Ethiopian service in the afternoon.  Later in the evening, we had our church plant service and were able to hear Pastor Clay preach from Romans. When we came home we got the chance to go with our host mom on a hike through their property, and found some wild strawberries.  Very tasty!

This week has also been full of a lot of learning. I’ve been reading through the Gospel of Luke, and have learned so many new things. I’ve been able to see some of the most commonly used scripture references in their contexts and have grown a much deeper understanding of the words God has given us.

As for prayer needs, please pray for our upcoming Kids Kamp. We are praying diligently that God brings many children for us to share His Good News with this summer. Please be praying for Pastor Clay, Clay Jr., Kristen, Carley, and me as we travel today to head toward Calgary. We are going on a little mini-trip to see Banff National Park and to tour the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane. We’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday, and then we’ll head back home on Thursday. Also remember Beth and Mike as they process their grief over their grand babies being in and out of foster care, and that their grandkids will be safe in their home environment.  Pray that they will hear the Gospel and eventually choose to follow Christ!