Camp Livingstone

Nick Smith

Nick Smith – EMCC – Camp Livingstone, Canada

It’s been a long week! We’ve finished our first kids camp and are now in the middle of our second one. The thing that has really been on my mind is whether or not we really value our Bible for what it is - The Word of God!  During our camps, we give out Bibles at the beginning of the week to anyone who doesn’t have one, and again at the end of the week in case someone loses one. I give Bibles to most of my kids because most don’t have one.

No matter how hard we minister, most of the time we don’t get to see the fruit of our ministry. So, the thing that has kept me going for the last 3 weeks is a question that I have been asked by about half the campers I’ve had: “Can I take this Bible home with me?”

Camp Livingstone

Maybe THAT’S something we can put to heart. We can’t change anyone’s life, but God’s Word CAN.  If the only thing I’ve done is help a child read a little more about the God I love and give them the opportunity to take that Word home with them, then that is a good thing. 

Pray that we continue to minister and love on these kids!