Preach and Heal

Chris Williams

Chris Williams – MC – South Asia

Preach and Heal

These past two weeks I have been at the hospital observing in the Physiotherapy and Community Health Department and I have learned so much! It’s been really neat to see how the hospital uses healthcare for the advancement of His good news among people who have never heard. The Hospital treats about 200,000 patients every year and they have chaplains here that visit most, if not all, the patients to lift them up and offer them a copy of the Word. That’s been really cool to hear how the hospital as a whole has and will continue to reach so many people, but please be lifting up that more of our brothers and sisters who are medical professionals here would catch a vision and desire to directly share with and lift up their patients. Not saying that some of them don’t already do that but it would just be really awesome to see all of our brothers and sisters in all the departments here use their gifts and professions for the proclamation of the good news among UPGs. Especially in the Community Health Department, which has many clinics and branches from the main hospital that are settled in and around the city in more rural areas where people do not have the means to travel to the city where the main hospital is.

Group at clinic

This is such an incredible opportunity to tell people from UPGs about the Son so be lifting up patients from these areas and that the hospital here would leverage these opportunities of gaining access into these villages for the sake of the furthering of His kingdom.

Other than spending most of my days at the hospital, I’ve been able to meet up with Maher a couple times this week and met up with Naobi as well!  Maher is my “cousin” friend I met at the 4th of July party and we had a really good conversation about our beliefs. He has the belief and mindset of “To each his own” and thinks that Father is just a matter of opinion and preference. But he loves to talk about what he believes and seemed to be interested to hear what I believe. We talked about the Quran and the Word and compared the validity of the two.  We both asked some good thought-provoking questions which was really cool! I met with him again this past week and gave him a copy of the Word and he said he was going to start reading it, so be lifting him up and the time he spends in the Word!

Chris with friends

Also got to finally spend some time with my friend Naobi who is from the northeastern part of South Asia and had a great time getting to hang out with him! Me, Jacob and one of our brothers here got to share with him one of the first weeks I arrived here so I was going to try and see how he was doing and what he thought about the father. Things did not go as expected, so we did not really talk about spiritual things but we did at least get to hang out and got to know him better so that was a lot of fun! And we’re going to be hanging out some more this week, so be lifting up opportunities to talk about spiritual things and see where he is with Father.

So yeah, that’s been about it for these past couple of weeks.  Thank y’all for reading and please be lifting these people and the hospital up! I have a little over two weeks left here so be lifting up that I would make the most of the time I have left and that there would be a smooth transition in passing on the relationships and connections we have made here to the long-term workers and national brothers and sisters.