Our Last Week in Oaxaca, Mexico

Rachel Reed

Rachel Reed – MC – Oaxaca ESL

I am officially home from my summer in Oaxaca, Mexico!  It has been such a good summer and I am so thankful that I got to share so much of it with y'all.  Here are the details from our final week. 

On Tuesday, since we were finished in the schools, we got to have a tourist day. We went to Hierve el Agua, which is petrified waterfalls. It was beautiful. That night we got to eat with the missionaries in Oaxaca and some people visiting for a couple of days.

Wednesday we met with Aline for the final time. We walked around and ended up in a library where we sat for a long while, shared our testimonies with her, and she shared her story. It was such an awesome, unexpected time. Please pray for her as she continues to grow in her faith.

Interpreter Group

Wednesday night, we had our final Interpreter's class. We had a couple of new people, which was great! After class, they threw us a goodbye party. At the party, 3 different gospel conversations were able to happen in two different languages, and each conversation contained multiple people. That was such an answer to prayer!  We saw how powerful God is and how faithful He is. He not only answered our prayers for that specific night, but totally went beyond what we could have ever expected. 

On Thursday, we spent all day with one of the missionary families. We watched movies, played games, and just spent time with them and the research team before we had to leave them. Then Friday was our goodbye party with all the missionaries that we had worked with this summer. 

Saturday we had youth group at Alpha y Omega and Lydia and Jaki got to go with us again. We had such a fun time with the youth group. After Bible Study, we sat with them for a really long time just talking. We also taught them some fun little games and they taught us some new ones also. It was such a sweet way to end our time with the youth group, and all of us were begging our ride to give us just 5 more minutes of time with each other!  Haha!

Rachel Reed’s Team

On Sunday, Anna and I went to Alpha y Omega for the last time. After service, the people in the church had all fixed something and brought for lunch. So we got to sit and eat with the people of the church and spend our last little bit with them eating and fellowshipping. I can't tell you how sad we were to leave the people at that church. They were all such blessings while we were there. The amount of love, support, and encouragement they showed us was truly an example of Christ and His love. They are a church that is so evidently continually following and striving for God. Please continue to pray for them, for the work they are doing in and around Oaxaca City, and for them to continue to grow in their walks with Christ.

Sunday night we got to meet with one of the girls from our classes that we have been occasionally meeting with throughout the summer. It was a sad goodbye but a sweet way to end our time. 

Monday we left Oaxaca and came back to the States for debrief. Debrief was a much needed time to just tell about our summer, hear about others’ experiences, and process everything. 

This summer was not what I was expecting at all. But God showed me that my expectations weren't what needed to be met, but His were. He showed us His faithfulness and power. Every time my expectations weren't met and I felt discouraged, He was moving and opening doors that I never saw coming nor could I ever have imagined what the result would be. It was a summer of learning and growing and a summer that I will forever be thankful for. 

Thank you so much for being a huge part of my summer and following along. I am thankful for you and your prayers. My summer would have been very different if I didn't have your encouragement and support. Gracias a Dios para ti.

I attached the final picture of our team and a picture of us with the interpreter's class.