Saying Goodbye to Oaxaca

Cody Cullen – UM – Oaxaca Trailblazers

Cody Cullen

Saying Goodbye to Oaxaca

Our last week in our village went well but I did not find time to send an update about it. This week we have been working in a different village with other people who came down here for a week-long trip.

For last week…On Monday and Tuesday, we revisited many people we had been reaching out to and those who had been receptive to us and to the gospel. We felt confident with the truths and encouragement we left with those people dear to our hearts.  On Wednesday, we finished our English classes and said good-bye to our class and to the village leaders. Our class was so sad to see us go that they wanted pictures with us and surprised us with hugs. Our village leaders thanked us for coming and seemed to view us as a blessing whom they wished to come back as opposed to a nuisance. Wednesday night we hosted our regular familiar faces with one last Bible study on milestones in Jesus’ earthly life. It was a time of great fun spending one last time with them and hearing their input from the study. One thing that was particularly encouraging was hearing one of them share precious truths they understood about Jesus and why He came to the earth.

On Thursday, our host family decided not to work that day so that we would feast and fellowship with each other. Leaving was sad and filled with lots of hugs.

This week, we have been doing VBS-style work in a separate village with a volunteer team. We have been encouraging the local church in the midst of some discouraging times. We also have been witnessing to about 50 kids through going over the story of Jonah. Tomorrow we go check out some natural springs/waterfalls. Then we fly out on Saturday.

Prayer requests (for our summer-long village):

  1. That our village would welcome more missionaries for future experiences and see them as a blessing.

  2. That they would see the local church as a blessing and not a people to be avoided.

  3. That the new believers in the village would be strengthened through fellowship with the church and God’s word. (1 John 1:3)

  4. That those we have been reaching out to but have not yet been converted to Christianity would find fellowship with the local church and not become disconnected. (1 John 1:3)

  5. That the local church would not neglect to meet together but would encourage one other to good works. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

Prayer requests (for this new village):

  1. That the kids would understand biblical truths from the story of Jonah and would reproduce that story to others so that God would grant them repentance. (2 Timothy 2:25)

  2. That the local church would stay encouraged as they continue to meet together and encourage each other. (Hebrews 10:24-25)


  1. The young lady who decided to follow Christ.

  2. The several families to whom we have grown close and who have heard valuable truths.

  3. Great team relations and for God giving us a great love for one another.

  4. Our host home loving us so dearly as their own family and sacrificing so much for us, but ultimately the Lord.

  5. Our village viewing us as a blessing.

  6. Families faithful to show up weekly to our Sunday and Wednesday night studies.

  7. The privilege to understand more of what God plans and expects of us in his global plan for salvation to all people groups.

  8. How God has been working in our village for years and has allowed us to reap what others have been sowing.

  9. Your support through financials and prayers which God has listened to and answered to His glory.

  10. That we can know that God is working everything to His glory.