They Matter

Chris Williams

Chris Williams - MC

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for two and a half months and that my 84 day journey here is coming to a close in a week. I’ve experienced and learned so much in my time here in South Asia and I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface with the relationships I’ve formed here and spiritual conversations we have had.

This past week was a little bit of a harder week for me. At the start of the week I observed palliative care here at the hospital and this was hard to see.. I observed the doctors here caring for, lifting up and sharing with many nonbelieving cancer patients whose days were beginning to be limited. It was sad to see them struggle to keep their eyes open and stay awake and also sad seeing the doctors doing everything they can to keep them comfortably alive for as long as possible and taking every given opportunity to share the good news with these patients. Be lifting up the patients in palliative care, that they would come to know the Son in their final moments here on Earth.


Also this week I got to meet up with Maher, Suman, and Saikrishna, and had some good spiritual conversations with all of them! Me and Maher talked some more about the Quran and the Word and both had questions for each other on the validity of the two which was really good. I got to see Suman twice, once at the S-temple and then another time we met at McDonald’s, he admitted that there’s a possibility that what I believe about the son could be true but he said he does not really care to know because he has had some negative experiences with believers in the past dealing with hypocrisy and M’s here paying people to believe. I also got to see Saikrishna again for the last time and father actually opened up the opportunity for me to give him a copy of the word. We talked about a lot of different spiritual things and his neighbor background a little bit and he admitted he did not have peace with father. So be thinking about these guys and their salvation and that they would not be spiritually blinded and deaf to the truth.

Also be lifting up Naobi and his family, he found out this week that his dad unexpectedly passed away so be thinking about them and that they would feel the love and comfort of the one true father during this difficult time.


I will also be meeting up with a guy from Yemen this week named Zach so be thinking about that and the conversation I have with him! Hoping and lifting up that I can share with him and that my brothers here would continue to meet up with him after I leave.

I also got to share with one of the patients at one of the community health clinics this past week, whose name is Imran! He’s a cousin about my age and was really nice and I had a fun time hanging out with him while he was waiting to see the dentist at the clinic. Be lifting him up, hopefully I’ll get to meet up with him this week!

Oh yeah and last thing! I got to get coffee with one of the chaplains at the hospital and he just finished getting his MDiv in Cousin Studies here in South Asia and now he’s going to the U.S. to go to Harvard to get his PhD in comparing what we believe and the cousin faith, how crazy cool is that?? Sheesh, should have been getting coffee with him this whole summer to learn from him.

Checking blood pressure

But anyways be lifting these people up this last week that I’m here and be lifting up me and Sarah as well. Things have been kind of tiring and busy so be thinking about us and that father would give us the strength and energy to finish the summer strong as we meet with everyone one last time.

The people of South Asia here matter so much to me and matter so much to our father who created them and knitted them together in their mothers’ wombs. They are all beautifully made in His image, and He created them for His glory and created them so that they might know Him and worship Him as the one true father. He loves these people so much that Father literally died for them and it’s a tragedy that most of the people here have not heard about this before. And I know these people matter to you all as well so continue to lift up and think about the people of South Asia and hopefully these people we have shared with and millions of others will be saved.