Mission Centers in Houston

Samantha Hawn

Samantha Hawn – MC – Mission Centers Houston

This week has been the toughest yet most rewarding so far. The beginning of the week started off rough, but each day got better and better.

Samantha with Jackie and Hosanna

Samantha with Jackie and Hosanna

Since we got here, there was a girl named Jackie we heard about that was part of the Joy Youth Club, but she hasn’t been able to come recently because she has been fighting leukemia. My father passed away from cancer five years ago, so immediately, I felt the pain and suffering that her family was going through. The summer interns got together and got a card, stuffed bear, and a tiara for her stay in the hospital. Throughout these weeks, I’ve prayed for her healing and I’ve prayed that one day I would get to meet her. That prayer was answered last week. Jackie is close to remission now, and she was able to come to youth club on Thursday and Friday! She was able to spend time with us and play games. We became friends and I felt that the quality time that she and I have spent together so far is a big part of the reason why I was sent to Houston. God sent me here to make a difference in peoples' lives such as Jackie.

Another praise is that we broke records last week at the Joy Center! The directors, Noe and Vanessa, have been running the Center since 2017, and for food pantry days, 18 people was the record number coming to receive assistance. Tuesday, we were able to serve over 75 people in one day!

I have learned so much about servant leadership and discipleship in the last month and I can't wait to show people back home about the wonderful ministry that I am getting to be a small part of. Enjoy the pictures!