Greetings from Vancouver

Walker Phillips

Walker Phillips – MSU – Vancouver, Canada

Walker checking in mid-summer from beautiful British Columbia! I figured it would help to tell you about some of the cool specifics of what the Lord is teaching me and allowing me to be a part of this summer!

So, what am I doing?

The Point Summer Team

The Point Summer Team

“BSU Summer Missionary” is the stateside title I am under. The Point Church intern is the local title I am under. Here in Vancouver, we are staying near Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) campus in our pastor Victor’s old apartment. Our team of 9-10 interns serve the church, serve the university, and serve the city.

How do we do that?

We have done anything and everything and have more to come. From pinning graduation hoods on students to running a bouncy castle, our main goal is to meet people, especially students, and to invest in their lives, share, and show the Gospel to them. Vancouver is very diverse and it is so awesome to see the nations here. We have had opportunities to be on campus to do “Soularium” (conversation started that opens doors for spiritual conversations), play Ultimate Frisbee, attend FOCUS Club for international students, set up church to worship together each week, and meet so many amazing people.

Focus Club

Focus Club

Who do we accomplish this with?

Our team is made of 10 young adults/students from Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and North Carolina. There are 4 of us from Mississippi. It has been such a joy getting to know these brothers and sisters. We get to eat meals together almost every night, worship together, and serve together. We each have different talents, skills and life experiences, and the Lord has uniquely used each of us for the furtherance of His Name here.

What has God been teaching me?

Jordan, on our team, set the vision for us at the beginning of the summer. “I do not want us to leave with new skills or fun experiences but a greater desire for God.” I have made this my prayer and the Lord has answered in giving me Himself. How faithful our God shows Himself to be to us! I have specifically experienced His goodness in patience in His plan and timing. I have seen how He has created divine appointments. He has shown me His Word and is calling me to a deeper following of it. Please pray that I will be dedicated to the Word as my daily bread and then have the chances to share with others who have little knowledge of the Bible and those whose faith needs strengthening.

What is in store for the second half of the summer?

Worship Service

Worship Service

We will be hosting a “Serve Vancouver” week where we will have teams come from the States to host kids’ sports camps, serve the city, and love on the people here. I am so excited to have these short-term teams come in and walk alongside us in ministry. Every week in July, the church hosts BBQs in the park and they are great outreach opportunities. The relationships we have established with our friends will hopefully continue to be deepened through getting coffee, playing card games or Ultimate Frisbee, or exploring the city!

How can you pray?

  • Be praying that the Lord will continually humble us to serve the people here. We know that we cannot do this alone. Keeping in step with the Holy Spirit has been one of our team’s main prayers.

  • Be praying for the short-term teams coming in next week. I believe that the Lord wants to do some amazing things in their lives. Pray that He will even draw them here to love and serve longer term.

  • Be praying for The Point community as they encourage each other and live on mission as brother and sisters.

Fun fact: Vancouver is one of the world’s most diverse cities and one of the most spiritually dark. Only about 1% of the population claims to be evangelical. English is actually number four on the list of the most spoken languages. With that said, it is evident the Lord wants to do a mighty work in this city in calling the nations to Himself. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Consider praying for those who will Go to this amazing city. Be careful though, it may be you! Oh, how beautiful are the feet of those who carry the Good News to the city!