Reflections from Oregon

Oto Duran

Oto Duran – Jones – Oregon

Two months can go by fast! While I wait at the PDX Airport for our flight to the great Mississippi, I recall that it wasn’t long ago when I was boarding my plane from the Dominican to the state of Oregon. God truly moved in my life this summer, and I‘m glad He allowed me to live this experience.

I can write for a good bit about all the cool things we got to experience and all the things God did in the lives of many of His people... but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet for you.

Working with children
  • We got to hang out with Luis (the guy we met playing pickup basketball and that gave his life to Jesus) and disciple him in multiple situations. He will make it far in life; he has a potential and fire in him that not many 21-year-olds possess. He is now assisting a local church looking to grow deeper into his spiritual journey. He is a great guy.

  • Marcelina is a hardworking woman who came illegally from Guatemala to the United States earlier this year looking for a better life for her and her two kids: Brian, 4 and Jennifer, 17. She is trying to get legal status for all of them. I got to help Marcelina a lot and be a witness to her. We also got to do some Bible studies with her. Let’s hope the best for her current situation to improve. On a side note: one interesting thing about Portland is that it is a sanctuary city which means that the city does not cooperate with the immigration laws enforced by the federal government; therefore, allowing undocumented foreigners to settle and get some kind of legal status over a period of time.

  • Tim and I got to love and interact with children through Kids’ Clubs every week; they were interesting and funny. Plenty of good memories were made, and I firmly believe that God touched their lives in some way, form, or fashion.

  • The ministry, Dusty’s Heart, hosted a high school mission team from Hobart, Oklahoma. They organized an “Organized Mass Chaos” event and a few sport camps for the children. They were very intentional with the people they interacted with and got to share the Gospel throughout their stay. We had a BLAST together!

  •  The Inghams, Dave and Dianne, were our host family for the summer. They are a sweet older couple, also known as Prayer Warriors. They not only provided us a comfortable bed and delicious meals, but they also made us feel like home with their ongoing support and constant love. They now hold a special place in my heart.

Watching a game

These are a couple of highlights from the many highlights made in Oregon alongside Kelly Nelson and her ministry. I’m glad God put in my heart the desire of doing this for His glory. As our plane departs, I pray that God will bless you in every single moment of your life. Never forget: He got you!