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Riley Floyd - NEMCC
June 16, 2017

Riley Floyd

God has been moving since the time I got on the first plane. On my first flight, the guy sitting next to me had just gotten out of prison and was headed to California to see his son graduate.  On my second flight, I met a young lady who is a prison guard at a local Pensacola prison. A coincidence? I think not!

Riley Floyd

We get here, and they fed Tony and me.  When we started to leave, they basically give us half their fridge!  Apparently, we look too skinny for them because every time we think we finally have eaten everything, they give us a truckload more!  So our guts will never be empty.  In fact, I may come back 30 pounds bigger.

A little about the prison:

God is working in there. I feel the Holy Spirit every time I walk in the chapel. Being around men who have lost hope and are searching for some kind of purpose in life, when they find God, you can see it from the time you walk into the chapel.

Riley and Tony

At the church, they have really made us feel at home. Anything we want or need, they get for us. They also try to plug us in as much as possible. I have gotten to sing and Tony plays bass with their praise band. Coming this Wednesday, I get to lead worship service. I really feel right at home here and it’s all thanks to them.

Please continue to pray for us, the prison, and the church.

Y'all have a good day and God bless.