Upward Sports Toronto

Caitlen Barron - DSU
June 16, 2017

Caitlin Barron

This summer I’m on a team of four in Toronto Canada. We are working with Upward Sports Toronto to provide summer camps in different communities for children, ages 6-13. Through these summer camps, children will hear the gospel every day. The staff is able to share the saving gospel with kids and then make connections with their parents to also share with them. Just last summer, there were over 30 people who surrendered their lives to Christ. The churches that partner with Upward Sports are able to take the new believers to continue to teach and disciple them. God is using sports as a tool to reach many people who have not heard the great news of Jesus.

Another cool opportunity we have is getting to live on a college campus. This is just another way our team has access to students living on campus to start gospel conversations.

Toronto, Canada

So far, we have been preparing for the camps that will take place in July. However, God has already placed many people in our path to be able to share the gospel with. Right now we are using Uber to take us to different places around the city. This gives us a short amount of time to speak to these people but God is using this small amount of time to work.

Caitlin Barron with team

We are also getting involved with the Sanctuary church that is here on campus. Around 10 years ago, Sheridan College kicked all religious organizations off campus.  But they allowed Sanctuary Church to meet, being the only religious organization allowed to step foot on the campus. So this church has a great opportunity to reach people in places that other organizations cannot. Today we got to volunteer with handing food out to people who need it. As we were cleaning up, someone asked me to pray for her and her family. After I prayed with her, this lady who is deaf motioned me over and signed “Jesus loves me,” and told me about her life. It was so amazing to get to see how God uses us and others to show His love even in the smallest things.

Things to pray for:

Caitlin Barron with lady
  • Persons of peace- people that God has been working on and people that want to learn about Jesus but don’t know where to begin.
  • Our strength and boldness- New cultures, new country. Pray that we will be bold for our Lord even in difficult situations.
  • Our team’s growth spiritually and the growth in our relationships with each other.
  • Our team as we grow relationships with people and engage them in Gospel conversations.

God is so good. Our God is worthy of our ALL.

All praise, honor, and glory to our God who takes away our sins.