His Grace Abounds

Mikayla Carruth, MC
June 27, 2017

Mikayla Carruth

From waking up to monkeys on our roof, large spiders in the bathroom, and deflated air mattresses, to learning that Africans know how to grill meat better than anyone I've met (except of course my dad), this was a week of unexpected adventures. It was a week of being reminded that Jesus is our sustainer and protector. In the weary moments and apathetic moments, His grace abounds…

Carruth Group

At the start of this week, we headed to the bus rank for a week of ministry in Francistown. A five-hour drive on a bus with no air conditioning and multiple stops made for the longest five-hour trip I've ever taken. We finally arrived and settled into our empty missionary home. (Literally, there were eight chairs in the house, and that was it).

Our first day in Francistown brought a full morning of evangelism with the local Moruti (pastor) and several individuals prayed to receive Christ!  Many of them were people who have been going to false churches where they pay a certain amount of money to "earn" their salvation or go to church a certain number of times a week to be blessed. It was incredible to watch as they heard the true gospel for the first time and walked into life.


Thursday was my favorite day, personally, as we ventured to a local private high school. This school is highly prestigious in the area, and I've never seen such disciplined students. Most of the students are from different countries, including Sri Lanka, China, Zimbabwe, and India. Many of them were of Muslim background, and the school had a religious freedom policy meaning you can’t openly speak about your beliefs with a student unless they engage you with questions. We went into the school to talk with students about prepping for university . The students were incredibly welcoming and excited to have us, taking us with them to their classes. Many conversations were had, friendships formed, and it was a refreshing time for all.


At lunch, we went to a "stronghold" area of the city to prayer walk and meet people. It was a high traffic area for drugs, alcohol, and witchcraft. We had an extremely challenging encounter during this time with a young woman who was caught up in witchcraft and desperately looking for hope. We spent time praying with her and shared the gospel. We then went to another local school for a staff meeting and spent about an hour having conversations with teachers and just exchanging life stories with one another. Draining, challenging, but an incredible day of ministry!

School yard

We also got to travel to two nearby villages in the area. The first was Borolong, where we met with the village chief (one of the top 5 most intimidating moments of my life), and Sebina. In these villages, we spent time exploring, speaking with many of the residents and sharing the gospel.

On our last night in Francistown, ten of our new African friends and translators showed up to put on a bush braii (BBQ). We spent another four hours grilling out, talking, and fellowshipping. I so appreciate this culture in how it enriches relationships. Everything here is based on people and interactions, not on individualism and privacy.

Mikayla and friend

We are exhausted for sure, but so very thankful for the lives the Lord changed this week. It was so evident that He prepares the hearts of people, and we simply are the vessels He uses to share the good news of Christ.

Go Siame! (ho-see-yom-eh, "Goodbye, take care" in Setswana)

P.S. Someone feel free to mail me a Chick-fil-A sandwich and fries, and I'll be forever grateful!